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What Will You do During the Summer of COVID-19?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the Enginering Career Service office?

Although we are working remotely, we are still here to support you!  We are able to help you with your resume, cover letter, interview prep, salary negotiation, navigating changes to your employment situation, and much more through virtual appointments.

The best way to reach us is at  Please attach any necessary documents (e.g. resume, cover letter, job listing, CPT forms, etc.)  You may also leave a voicemail at 301-405-3863. 

What if my summer internship was canceled because of COVID-19?

If you initially secured a summer internship that was canceled due to COVID-19, you can still list this information on your resume.  See an example (Resume - COVID 19 Rescinded Offer & Project

Should I still apply for internships?
Yes, you should still apply for other internships.  There are employers who are offering virutal opportunities for the summer.  Use Careers4Engineers and other Job Boards.  We also discuss other ways you can gain experience during the summer.
Can I reach out to companies that I applied to and didn't hear back from?
Yes, you can and should make contact with the companies you applied to but did not hear back from.  If you have an email address, follow up with the recruiter through a quick message restating your interest in the company.  You might ask if there are any virtual projects that you could work on for them in leiu of a traditional internship.  Gaining experience outside the classroom is important.  See the Networking, Careers Fairs, and Job Search Strategies section of our website.
How can I obtain a resume critique?
Please email your documents and questions. We recommend an MS Word format to allow us to use the comment tool.   If you feel that a Zoom call is best,  please include several appointment times that work with your schedule and we can set up a Zoom call.
How can I activate my Careers4Engineers Account?
All of our jobs and internships are listed in a database called Careers4Engineers. To access the database you must first have your resume approved.  Send your resume to with the subject line “C4E activation” and we are happy to activate your account. Again, if you feel that a Zoom call is best,  please include several appointment times that work with your schedule and we can set up a Zoom call.
How do I register my Co-op or Internship (Enrolling in ENCO099/098)?
COVID-19 Internship Process:  While the campus is virtual,  please send the forms and your offer letter to  We will follow up with instructions once we get the completed forms. 
How do I schedule a virtual career advising appointment?
For additional help email your documents and questions in MS Word if possible.  If you feel that a Zoom call is best please put in several appointment times that work with your schedule and we can set up a Zoom call.
Do you have resources to help me with my job search?
We have Job Search Handouts for just about every career search topic you can think of, from resume writing to negotiating your salary.  We even have advice on how to prepare your graduate school application and what it means to get your PE license.
Are you offering career development workshops?
We offer virtual workshops in a variety of topics from resumes and cover letters to interviews to salary negotiation to business etiquette to networking to social media.  All workshop dates are listed on our website.  After completing the signup form you will get a Zoom link 10 minutes before the workshop. 
How can I schedule a mock interview?
We recommend doing an Interview Workshop first, if time permits.  Complete this Mock Interview Sign-Up Form once you are ready.
What is the Career Engineer newsletter?
We know that it can be overwhelming to keep track of so many career-related events while adjusting to an online school environment.  That’s why we email you a newsletter every Tuesday with all of our upcoming workshops, job deadlines, and employer sessions.  If you are not getting this email please let us know by emailing with the subject line “Add Me to CareerEngineer”.
Where else can I look for jobs?
There is no shortage of ways to search for a job on the web.  We have curated some External Job Boards you can explore in addition to Careers4Engineers.


Additional Resources

If you need to speak with someone about personal issues you can schedule an individual, virtual appointment to talk with a counselor, by calling (301) 314-7651, Monday - Friday, 8:30am- 4:30pm.
The Counseling Center offers after-hours crisis support to any UMD student or any person concerned about a UMD student at the same number.  Professional mental health counselors are available when the Counseling Center is closed to assist callers with mental health crises, 4:30pm to 8:30am weekdays, 24 hours/day over the weekend.