Campus Interviews | A. James Clark School of Engineering, University of Maryland

To make the interviewing process efficient and convenient for both students and employers, we offer On-Campus Interviews.  Most employers opt for “pre-select” schedules.  This means that we collect resumes for you in advance of your interview date.  You then choose your top candidates and we set-up the schedule for you.  A full day of 30-minute interviews allows you to see 12 students while 45-minute interviews allows for 8 students.  All schedules can be customized in terms of the number of students you see and the length of interviews.

We also offer "room-only" interview schedules.  In this scenario, the employer sets their own schedule from resumes collected at one of our career fairs or information sessions.  We just provide the room.

You may request an interview date through Careers4Engineers or you may contact Deborah Vidmar,, 301-405-8096. 

If you would like to interview non-engineering students, please contact the University Career Center,