Descriptions: is now accepting applications for the Calvin L. Carrithers Aviation Scholarship. is passionate about all things aviation, including helping the next generation of college students chase their dreams within the industry. This scholarship will provide $1,000 annually to four American students who are dedicated to blogging on a weekly basis about flight training, flying, school, and their interest in aviation. By partnering with students in university aviation programs throughout the United States, we wish to provide a platform for students to share their experiences, all the while training for a successful career in aviation.
Our platform helps to connect the student pilot with a large online aviation community of pilots, engineers, and flight departments, as well as serve as a recruitment tool for the school itself. Submissions are being accepted starting March 2019. The deadlines for application submissions is August 14, 2019. has been established for over two decades, it was started in 1995 by Jeffrey A. Carrithers and is one of the largest online aviation platforms on the internet.  The Calvin L. Carrithers Aviation Scholarship was launched in 2015, and has benefited sixteen students in the past four years. 
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