The Asian Engineering Student Association (also known as AESA) was found in 1992 at the University of Maryland at College Park. The purpose of our organization is to promote academic excellence for future professionals and to encourage Asian involvement in the community while providing a friendly social environment for our members.


We are an academically and socially centered organization. Our scholastic programs consist of tutoring sessions, mentoring sessions, and resume workshops. Furthermore, we promote academic achievement and integrity by awarding an $200 scholarship. In addition, we are currently developing computer applications and resume, exam, and scholarship databases.
AESA has one of the most highly rated social programs on campus. Our annual dance and semiannual picnics attract hundreds of students and staff. Moreover, we participate in many campus events including the "All Nighter," "First Look Fair," "Engineering Week," and "Chinese Culture Week."


One of AESA's goal is to assist students with financial difficulties. We have created WEB sites containig scholarship infromation and exam database. In addition, we have set aside funds for a scholarship awarded to students based on academic performance, financial need, and a written essay. Also, we will create an internet site for resumes.
One of the most overlooked concerns of students is creating a well-written resume. AESA has initiated a Resume Workshop in order to assist students in creating resumes that meet up to the standards of many companies today.


We have implemented a few computerized applications. We hope to be able to offer the following softwares to the entire campus: These applications are kept on the internet and are monitored by selected members. The Book Exchange Application provides a convenient way for students to interact with each other in order to purchase and sell books. Moreover, the Course Evaluation Application allows students to comment on a course that they have taken. These responses are kept in our database and may be viewed at anytime. Lastly, the Class Schedule Application allows students to enter in the classes that they would like to register for. The program will create schedule(s) corresponding to what was given.


Social support is very important to AESA. Providing guidance to new students at UMCP is our priority. Our officers are very friendly and they are eager to give new students assistance. In addition, AESA invites guest lecturers at general meetings to provide the necessary guidance on concerns like registration information, campus activites, etc... Also, AESA organizes academic trips to several engineering companies in an attempt to expose members to specific engineering fields.


Every year, AESA welcomes new members to participate in many intramural sports including volleyball, basketball, soccer, and softball. Towards the end of the school year, AESA sponsors a softball tournament in order to unite all of the organizations on campus. Occasionally, AESA coordinates activites such as bowling, ice skating, skiing, and camping. AESA's most recognized event is our annual dance, a social activity opened to all campus organizations, staff, and students.
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