Walk-In Advising Hours for Current Clark School Students

January 24 - February 7 

9:00am-11:30am and 1:00pm-3:00pm

These dates & times are for UAAS Office Only. You may need to contact your department directly for their walk-in advising dates & times.

Hours for Transfer Prospective-Engineering Students
See the Transfer Admission page.

Thinking of Attending?

If you are a prospective undergraduate student, you will apply for admission to the Clark School of Engineering by submitting an application to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. For additional information about admission to the University  of Maryland call (301) 314-8385 / (800) 422-5867 or visit the link above.

Graduate Students

Looking for information? Visit the graduate students page, student services, and your specific department's or program's site.

A Silver-Certified Green Office

True sustainability happens when it is embedded into our core operation. The Green Office Program engages staff, faculty and students in a dynamic initiative that promotes best environmental practices at the University of Maryland. The program supports and promotes offices/units that are taking steps toward reducing their environmental footprint. It seeks to motivate environmentally friendly behaviors by providing definitive guidelines and reducing confusion about best practices. The program operates through a network of representatives (GO Reps) in schools, centers and administrative units.
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Go Green

Our office achieved silver certification on 9/11/14.

Hiring: Engineer Orientation Advisors

The Undergraduate Advising and Academic Support Office is looking to hire individuals for the position of Engineering Orientation Advisor (EOA). On Day 2 of each summer orientation session EOAs will teach new students to use TESTUDO and help with creating class schedules for the upcoming fall semester. EOAs must be organized, timely and a team player. This is a great opportunity for students who will be on or near campus during the summer. The commitment would involve 8-10 hours of training in late May and or early June.

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