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There are several disciplines within engineering—different starting points for solving engineering problems. We suggest that you look at them all so you have a better idea of the possibilities available. At the Clark School, we've organized these fields within seven departments:

These departments offer nine different undergraduate majors. There are also opportunities for multidisciplinary learning and research in each. See Engineering Majors.

Applying for Admission


Students who wish to study at the Clark School apply for admission to the University of Maryland; there is not a separate application for the Clark School. When filling out the university application, you may choose one of the engineering majors, or, if you're not sure exactly which one you want, you may choose "Undecided Engineering" and select a major later (usually after your first two semesters).

If you don't yet know which major is most interesting to you, don't worry—30 to 35 percent of our incoming students are typically in the "Undecided" category. And, since the first year of each major is very similar, it's fairly easy to change majors.

Undergraduate Admissions will help you to get better acquainted with the university and its admissions process, to apply online or to download the application booklet.

Prospective undergraduate engineering students may also send admission inquiries to: