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Pre College Programs: Getting Started

SSTYF Students
Our summer programs put elementary, middle and high- school students where the action is: in our amazing labs and facilities.

Students Conducting Experiment
Clark School students demonstrate control technologies as part of Maryland Day, when thousands of people visit the university to learn more about its programs.


Each of us has an imagination. When we look at our world, we think of new ways to do things, new ways to live. Engineers are people who take the next step: they make their ideas work.

The results are all around us—hybrid cars that reduce pollution, cell phones that play music and games, MRI scanners that can spot diseases in the body, the list is virtually endless.

Here at the Clark School, we help people become engineers and make their imaginative ideas come true. If you're curious about engineering, and wonder whether it's something you might enjoy—or if you're the parent or teacher of someone who fits that description—we have several ways to help you explore:

Summer Programs Clark School summer programs let middle and high school students meet great people and solve interesting engineering problems right here on the university campus.  Learn More...
School Year Workshops  Learn about and apply to Clark School workshops that introduce high school and middle school students to engineering activities and role models. Learn More...
Engineers Changing the World Explore the many ways engineers have made the world a better place, and dream up some of your own. Learn More...
Prospective Students Find out how to become a student at the Clark School of Engineering. Learn More..


  • The Center for Minorities in Science and Engineering offers programs designed to recruit, retain, and graduate African American, Hispanic American, and Native American engineering students.
  • The Clark School's Women in Engineering program works to increase the number of women students who explore and enter the field of engineering.
  • Teachers: Schedule a visit to UMD's Campus (learn more here!)
  • Teachers: Request a classroom visit from current undergraduate engineering students at the Clark School.
  • Students: Shadow a current undergraduate engineering student at the Clark School.